What Happened?

Sweet, aren’t they? That is what I thought this spring.

At first I thought they were prairie dogs because one stood lookout, sitting on little hind legs, and chirping out a warning to all the rest when danger appeared.

Each morning they came up on my deck, looking for food. Since I was feeding the birds, they found plenty. Over the spring they seemed to multiply. At the same time the mesquite tree was in full bloom — purple blossoms over the entire tree. After the blooms were gone, the tree was green with leaves.

Then it happened…

I walked out early summer and the tree had no leaves! I kept an eye on the tree for a few days and saw these cute little critters climbing up and down. And there seemed to be more holes around the tree and under my porch foundation. Yikes!

Well of course I googled these cuties. Not until I was searching for creatures that inhabit the Sonoran Desert, where my house was located, did I find answers both for my yard  and for myself.

The key was alignment. In focusing on only one aspect on my environment, I inadvertently got it out of balance.

God started speaking to me about areas in my life where the foundation had holes, and the trees were not leafing out or bearing fruit.

This happened in the natural all because I thought a little animal cute and started treating it as a pet. But these round tailed squirrels get very thirsty and eat the leaves of trees for water.  And they grew in population because I was feeding them.

My life was out of alignment too because I continued to keep old habits that were not huge, and not necessarily sin — but distractions. By focusing on the distractions, they grew and ate into the gifts and favor of the new season.

Do you have any ‘little squirrels’ in your life keeping you from the bounty of this new season?

A Day Named Favor

lighteningDo you ever hear something comes so alive that it sends lightening down to your toes and you know your life will never be the same? That’s exactly what happened the other day when I heard Wendy Walters speak. She shared a profound, yet simple nugget of wisdom; something that she does every day — name the day.

On the way home, I stopped to get some gas. When I got back in the car, it wouldn’t start. Now I love to implement revelation and insight right away, don’t you? Especially while it is fresh and then continue to do so until it becomes part of my life. But now I had a need, which made me even more excited to see what would happen after naming the day.

First thing in the morning I named the day “provision.” A way God reveals himself to us and a way I needed to see Him. Every need that came up that day was filled. It was as if I was living inside the word “provision” and inside of God’s promise to provide not only for every need, but above and beyond my expectations. The car did get rolling again and seemed to take up so much time. But there seemed to be more than enough time to get everything else done and remain at rest.

Now it was clear naming the day was a new trajectory and opened an whole new way to bring heaven to earth. And it was so much easier to see the God’s goodness and love in a tangible way. Throughout the day I looked for His provision… and found it!

That did it — I’m hooked on naming the day.

So I named today “Favor.”

favorWhat an adventure…

On the way to look at a new-to-me car, each time we started going after a red light, the wheels started spinning. A man in a truck drove up next to us and was pointing down to what we thought were the tires. After quickly pulling into a parking lot and getting out to examine the wheels, the smell of gasoline so strong. Under the car was a puddle of gas! Something in the road must have dislodged the fuel filter and the gas tank sprung a leak. That was favor!

The tow truck driver came quickly, gave us some water and coupons for repairing the car. More favor. The ride to the repair shop quickly became a time of praise and thanksgiving as the driver and two of us were gathered in His name.

It was after lunch time when we arrived at the repair shop and we were hungry. The scripture that we should take no thought for what we should eat flashed across my mind. God does have a great sense of humor — right across the parking lot was a place to each called Kneaders. More favor.

The fuel filter was very clogged and would probably have damaged the fuel pump if it had been left undisturbed. More favor.

Finally arrived at our original destination to look at a new-to-me car. Favor, favor, favor. Exact car I prayed for, discounts, coupons, and so much more.

Can’t wait to name tomorrow! What will you name your day? What happened when you did?